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Message from our President

Clean and Quality  We provide a reliable supply of high quality products.

With the significant development of industry in Japan, the demand for plastic films for packaging products has diversified. Recently, demand for "synthetic resin films for packaging" including conventional monolayer, composite, multilayer, and highly functional films has been growing day by day.

In anticipation of the needs of our customers, we have been working vigorously to manufacture, process, and introduce a wider range of multifunctional, highly functional films to the market for the past several years. Finally we have succeeded in meeting the demand for these films.

With the help of business partners and related companies, we are now in the position of manufacturing highly functional clean films, including clean plastic bags, in our specially equipped "cleanrooms". We launched such manufacturing as our core business in 1996.

Recently, we have also been working to expand our product line, "ASO Clean Poly Bag", and as a result, developed highly functional clean bags including the "ASO High Barrier Multilayer Clean Bag in Standard Sizes" and "ASO Clean Aluminum Bag in Standard Sizes", in addition to the "ASO High Clean Poly Bag in Standard Sizes", "ASO High Clean Permanent Antistatic Bag in Standard Sizes", and "ASO High Clean Resealable Bag in Standard Sizes", which are now popular products.

We have observed a rapidly increasing demand for compliance with various international standards such as the "USP", "EP", and "DMF registration", which was not required for clean films when we first entered the clean film business. In particular we recognize the importance of compliance with international standards for pharmaceutical products.
In the future, our entire body of staff will strive to develop products for new applications based on our long-term experience in the clean film business in order to provide a stable supply of reliable, "high quality" products.

We hope that you will continue to use our services.


Unfortunately, we cannot answer any telephone inquiries.
If you have any questions, please contact us through the website and we will reply to your inquiry by e-mail.
Thank you for your understanding.

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