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ASO Clean Film (Tube/Sheet)

Pharmaceutical applications

ASO Clean Film (Tube/Sheet)

Our Clean Film is a "polyethylene tube/sheet for packaging pharmaceuticals or electronic devices" produced in a class 10000 cleanroom.

Major featuresCleanHighly cleanStandard sizeSterilizedAntistaticUV protection

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Our Clean Film is a "polyethylene tube/sheet for packing pharmaceuticals or electronic devices produced in a class 10000 cleanroom." Clean Film is ideal for use as a cushioning material for packaging medication and electronic devices. We can produce Clean Film with the dimensions specified by our customers.

ASO Clean Film (Tube/Sheet)
Product specifications
  Additive-free type Slip type
Thickness 0.04mm-0.15mm 0.03mm-0.15mm
Width 150mm-950mm 100mm-950mm
Length 100mm-2000mm 100mm-2000mm
* Depending on the thickness, the width may be limited.


This product is available in custom sizes.

We produce this product to fit suit your application.
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