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ASO Liner Aluminum Type (round-bottomed inner bag)

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ASO Liner Aluminum Type (round-bottomed inner bag)

ASO Liner Aluminum Type is an inner bag for open drums. You just have to replace the liner after use, which significantly reduces the cost of washing drums.

Major featuresCleanHighly cleanStandard sizeSterilizedAntistaticUV protection

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  1. The bottom shape is a "perfect circle", and the bag fits a drum well.
  2. With aluminum foil sandwiched between tough nylon films, the bag exhibits "high strength" as well as an excellent "oxygen barrier". It is also "moisture proof" and "light proof".
  3. With the heat-sealable material composition, the bag can be sealed hermetically.
[Barrier performance of the base material]
Measurement item Unit Measured value Measurement method
Water vapor permeability g/m² · 24h 0.01 or below Our measurement method
(40˚C, 90%)
Oxygen permeability ml/m² · 24h · MPa 5 or below
*Detection limit
MOCON method
(23˚C, dry)
* The above figures are measured, not guaranteed, values.
[Physical properties]
Measurement item Unit Measurement position Measured value Measurement method
Tensile strength MPa MD 76.6 Our measurement method
TD 104.6
Tensile load N/cm MD 82.2
TD 113.5
Tensile elongation % MD 145
TD 102
Bag seal strength N/15mm Side 110.1
Tear strength N/cm MD 77.4
TD 77.4
Tear load N MD 0.77
TD 0.77
Puncture strength *1 N Outer surface 27.7
Inner surface 26.9
* The above figures are measured, not guaranteed, values.
*1 Puncture speed: 50 mm/min., needle tip radius: 0.5 mm (JIS Z 1707)


Base material composition (unit: µm)
Ny (15) / AL foil (9) / Ny (15) / L-LDPE (60)
Standard size
For 200 L drums Diameter (bottom) x height
565mmø x 1250mmH
Quantity 20 bags/box
Cardboard box size 675mm x 955mm x 175mmH

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